The Do’s and Dont’s of Recruiting Top Talent

According to CMD Recruitment, 75% of hiring staff agreed that attracting passive candidates is more of a challenge, as they tend to respond at a much lower rate. So the question every recruiter has is how then do they not only attract but also hire Top Talent;

There are several “do’s” and “don’ts” that can help you be more successful. Here are a few examples:

  • Do: Clearly define the skills and qualifications you need in a candidate. This will help you identify the suitable candidates more quickly and efficiently.
  • Don’t: Rush the hiring process. Take the time to thoroughly review resumes and cover letters, and conduct thorough interviews to ensure that you find the best candidate for the job.
  • Do: Use various recruiting methods to reach a diverse pool of candidates. This can include job postings, employee referrals, networking events, and recruiting websites.
  • Don’t: Limit your search to local candidates. Consider looking for candidates who are willing to relocate, as they may have valuable skills and experience that can benefit your organization.
  • Do: Involve current employees in the hiring process. Employee referrals can be a valuable source of high-quality candidates, and involving employees in the interview process can help ensure that new hires are a good fit for the team and the company culture.
  • Don’t: Rely solely on resumes and cover letters. Use other tools, such as pre-employment assessments and reference checks, to get a more complete picture of a candidate’s abilities and potential fit with your organization.

Overall, the key to recruiting top talent is to be strategic, thorough, and open-minded. By following these “do’s” and avoiding these “don’ts,” you can increase your chances of finding the best candidates for your open positions.

What others Do’s and Don’t have you considered?

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