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Piposoft is a talent acquisition agency that specializes in helping companies in Africa build stronger teams by sourcing and placing top talent.
Our philosophy is to match the right talent to the right companies, and we do this by offering customizable recruitment solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

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Sourcing as a Service

For established  talent teams that are struggling finding top talent. Our Sourcing teams utilize various methods such as online job postings, employee referrals, networking events, and recruiting websites to identify and attract the best candidates.


Recruitment as a Service

For start ups and teams that want to outsource the entire recruitment process. We handle the entire end to end process from job posting, candidate screening, and interview scheduling capabilities, as well as tools for tracking and managing the recruitment process. 


Executive Head Hunting

We help you get the best people for those hard to fill roles.. We understand the process of getting exceptional leaders and reach out to those that match your need.

Why Choose Us

At Piposoft we value our clients and have designed a recruitment process that gives them an edge in the search for Top Talent

Save Time

Save hours usually spent on searching, filtering and interviewing candidates. We deliver shortlists within 5 days.

Interview the Best

Interview only high quality leads along with all the information we ‘ve collected. 

Expand your Search

Reach hundreds of qualified candidates without spending any time.
Our AI powered platform enable reach active and passive candidates. 

Talent Guarantee

Have access to a 3 month support and guarantee period on the talent we provide.

Our Clients

We ensure our clients get priority in their sourcing and placement drives. Hear what they say.

The most valuable resource in your organization deserves the expertise, excellence, innovation, and passion we got from partnering with Piposoft

Daisy Kiaye


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