Tech Recruitment in 2023: My Predictions for the Year Ahead

As we look toward the future, we must consider the trends and developments likely to shape the tech recruitment industry in 2023. By staying attuned to these evolving dynamics, we can better prepare ourselves and our organizations to navigate the changing landscape of tech recruitment.

Here are my 4 predictions for what we can expect in the year ahead:

  • Increasing Integration of AI in Recruitment and Job Applications The adoption of ChatGPT and other AI tools will necessitate a reevaluation of traditional recruitment and job application processes by talent acquisition teams. It is expected that the use of AI will become more prevalent in the daily work of both job candidates and recruitment teams, potentially requiring adjustments to assessments and interviews. To effectively incorporate AI into the recruitment process, talent teams may need to create new disclosures and devise ways to facilitate collaboration between humans and machines
  • Continued Competition for Top Tech Talent: Despite the widespread layoffs in 2022, I believe that the competition for highly skilled tech talent will continue to intensify. I predict that companies will increasingly hire talent from regions with lower wages to keep labor costs down. Employer-of-record services, which allow organizations to hire in locations where they do not have a physical presence, are also expected to increase. For larger companies, remote and hybrid work arrangements are likely to remain common as they seek to attract top talent. Recruiters with experience recruiting globally will be in high demand as companies look to expand their hiring beyond their geographical location.
  • Rethinking Interview Processes. In the highly competitive job market and increasing use of AI tools in recruitment, it will be essential to ensure that our interview processes are as effective, efficient, and seamless as possible to attract top talent and minimize drop-off from the funnel. According to Gartner’s report, to successfully fill critical roles in 2023, organizations will need to focus on a candidate’s ability to perform the job rather than their credentials and prior experience. It is crucial to reassess traditional assumptions about qualifications to stay competitive in the recruitment process. (Source:
  • The Blurring of the Line Between Sourcers and Recruiters. As organizations continue to seek ways to make their talent acquisition departments more efficient and cost-effective, the line between sourcers and recruiters will likely become increasingly blurred. This means that both sourcers and recruiters will need to develop a more well-rounded set of skills. This ensures they remain competitive and effective in identifying the best candidates for their open positions. The ability to adapt and be flexible in the face of changing job responsibilities and requirements will become increasingly important as the roles of sourcers and recruiters evolve.

In conclusion, it’s obvious that the tech recruitment sector will face some major obstacles in the future. But with the appropriate methods and approaches, we can overcome these obstacles and identify the most qualified applicants for our open positions. We ensure that we attract and keep the top talent that our companies need to succeed by staying current on industry trends and developments, as well as by continuously improving and adapting our recruitment processes.

Have a great 2023. Let’s keep winning and building teams

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